Monday, August 29, 2011

TP roll Challenge!

Opps, I had these all packaged for mailing and forgot to take pictures! I know I'd always be wondering what those looked like? How did I do that? These are my six little pages made from toilet paper rolls. Yes! TP rolls. These six are going to the swap, and I'll get different ones back. Lots of fun! My next project with these will be a little TP Prayer book.

I love little pockets and tags, giving lots of room to write little messages (or prayers). Each one has at least three opportunities.

Wrapped and ready to send....


  1. Chris I am just astounded by your creativity. Each one of these is a beautiful treasure -- tuck in pockets, scalloped tag edges, and just every little thing you did here is absolutely precious.

  2. Chris, these are just gorgeous! I can't wait to receive one! Beautiful!

  3. Wow, Chris! I love these - each one is such a wonderful piece of art. I am so excited to be getting one of yours! Can't wait!!! Thanks for your comment on my blog too. xoxo


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