Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Original ART JOURNALS now on Etsy!

Hooray.... I finally did it. I've been making my own art journals for a while now... and I've wanted to create some to sell on Etsy... (you can see them with descriptions here) I used really great quality 140lb watercolor and 100lb sketching papers.
This what they look like.

 This next one is really neat! I took apart a vintage art history book to make a larger journal.

 Inside the front cover is a pocket with five prints, but anything could be put in there.
 And I spiral bound the contents because it's still great information and could be used also for altered journal pages.
 And who doesn't remember the Bobbsey Twins! I love this little art journal... perfect for field work or visual journals.


  1. Hi Chris, what a beautiful flowers (and blog)! Love your art journals!


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