Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Water Color Journal I'm Designing

Oh my.... I love, love, love creating Water Color Journals! Been working on a project using antique Art History Books, removing the pages and using the covers for the front and backs of some really big Water Color Journals. I want to use the best, so I'm using 140 pound professional paper.... really, really nice. I'm not going to show those here, yet. Not wanting to waste a pinch of paper, so I'm using the 3" and 4" scraps,by also creating some really small journals to carry in a purse or art bag. These will be about 3x6 inches or so. Landscape style, perfect for Visual Journals. Of course, the 140lb paper is a delight to draw, paint, or collage on.
So, here are the covers I just created digitally in Photoshop. I'm loving the vintage card. Any comments would be so greatly appreciated!
Sweet Blessings, Chris 

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  1. I have to find more words in my vocabulary for STUNNING !!!!..
    Your paintings are so beautiful. I love everything about this.


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