Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Watercolor Sketch Visual Journal for Yosemite

Just felt like sharing a bit this morning. Actually, I'm making a sketch journal for a dear friend based on the one I created for myself. So here are a few pics from my watercolor sketch journal designed primarily for Yosemite....

I love the look and feel of the pages of watercolor paper. I included both 140 and 300 pound papers. Makes for a thick, luxurious journal to paint in.

 This better shows the cover... I did a collage of an acrylic painting I did last year. Photoshop is great... can you see me peeking over the top?
 Just some sketches. First I did a more realistic watercolor sketch, then tried to do something abstract.

 I'm including birds, flowers (not shown) and rocks of Yosemite. It's so amazing, with all the magnificent granite beauty, to just focus down on the small stuff. It pauses time for a moment.

 This is the back cover showing more collaged elements. Note the pinecone... that was from a class last year, again, focusing down on the little elements.
Home again, working in bed, beautiful Redwoods just before the sun comes up. Trixie is taking a stretch.

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