Thursday, January 3, 2013

Newest Prayer Keeper

Happy New Year! You'll notice this prayer keeper is colorful. Felt like a change. I love the deep, saturated colors of the velvets, even the tulle. Sweet book measures approximately 4x6" and has two pockets for your Rosary Beads, Holy objects, or Sweet Prayers.
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First.... here is the chaos I create in. What a mess! But you can see my Sacred Redwood trees right outside my windows.

 I decided to go with colorful velvets and brocades on this one. Mother Mary is often said to be accompanied by the scent of roses, so I created a wire ribbon cabbage rose for the cover and the image of her with roses.  In Catholic school we would make baby rose crowns for her on May Day. Does anyone remember making those crowns?

Cover... wire ribbon rose and 1918 ribbon, vintage wedding dress lace and crochet trim.
 First pocket on the right.... a deep pocket made from the trim from a decorative pillow.

 Second pocket, on the right. Lined with some fine tulle so beads wont get stuck in the lace. Lace on the right is from a 1920's dress.

 Last spread... purple lace from a 1960's dress.

 Back cover....
Thanks for looking. Sweet blessings to you. Chris


  1. This is wonderful! I love the whole idea. I am so enamored with this.

  2. This beautiful book has the deep reds often used in the Church. It is regal and a wonderful tribute to the Virgin Mary almost like royalty.

  3. Your work is so lovely!
    Terry in TN (a fellow stitchmap member)


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