Friday, January 4, 2013

You'll find beautiful whites, creams, and sepia tones accented with peach in this lace book dedicated to our precious Mother Mary. Several pockets are perfect to tuck in prayers or Rosary Beads. The foundation for this prayer book is vintage linen, covered with a vintage lace Mantilla (like the one I wore to church in the 1960's), fabric from a Christening Dress, as well as other vintage laces, trims, and dress fabrics.  Measures about 5x8", with 7 decorated pages.

 You can see the hem of the Antique Christening dress here.
 Here you can see parts of the 1960's lace mantilla that we used to cover our heads for Mass.

 A little scrap from a wedding dress....


  1. Chris these are beautiful. I love the images you used with the lace. Thanks for the little blurb about the lace, it make it even more lovely.
    Happy New Year Elizabeth

  2. I love the roses and pinks in this book. Roses symbolize love. The lace is calming and uplifting almost giving you a feeling of quiet serenity. As you can tell--I love your prayer books!


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