Monday, January 14, 2013

Eye candy....

We downsized and moved to our little cottage in the Redwoods three years ago. I still have maybe 15 tubs of fabrics I haven't seen in three years. Well.. I started systematically opening the tubs and plan on selling my vintage fabrics and quilts on Ebay. BUT!!! There are goodies I am not going to part with! I remember finding these treasures at a San Jose estate sale over six years ago. I bought a whole bag of vintage,100% silk organza, some remnants, some still on a roll. Beautiful stuff!

 And here are a few of my latest Prayer Keepers....

 These two Rosary Prayer Keepers I made for my Cousins, Catherine and Janet. These are a little different, in that they are a triptych style. You see the Rosary pocket when you open the front page...

 Rosary pocket.... made with a vintage Wedding Hankie (YES! it was VERY difficult to cut into!lol)
 Botticelli's Madonna and Child on silk is the center page. Saint Catherine is on the left and Saint Joan (patron saint name for Janet) is on the right. It was fun specializing Prayer Pockets for people I love.
 Sweet blessings, Chris


  1. Hi Chris
    How exciting to be delving into those stashed boxes!
    Is that the silk organza on the right - a creamy colour?
    You certainly could never use it all in a life time - I'm a bit the same with my stash and am swapping it with other friends.
    Is Ebay the only way you sell it?
    Do you have a link to your Ebay site?
    Do you have an Etsy shop?
    I think you have made such a wonderful choice living where you live.
    Hugs to you,

  2. Beautiful!!! So gorgeous! Now that really inspired me to keep going with my fabric journal project. Thank you Chris!


  3. Chris

    Why don't you sell some of it here in your etsy. You could make packages of the various fabrics. I for one would be interested.




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