Monday, August 23, 2010

Refreshed Studio in the Redwooods

Tomorrow I'm leaving on another mini self directed art retreat. Then school begins a week from today!! Taking a mixed media class, so I really needed to spiff up my studio. Took out the tall and big easel, since I like to work off a desk.  Also, took back the fab art table since my honey wasn't using it.

Thank God for Honey though!! Here he is putting up one of about a dozen shelves!

So, a little bit of sage to smudge and a prayer or gratitude....
Freshly cleaned off... now that I have a place for most things!
This is my dad's old desk.
The fabulous glass art desk! and I'm using the three shelf vintage kitchen cart. I can get ALLOT of stuff on there. I gave up the taboreh thingy... Liked the idea of it, but my granddaughter loves it more (for her hair stuff)!
An old fruit crate, painted white makes a great shelf. The cart with the pens and pencils pulls out to access the one in the corner. My computer has a safe place now, instead of teetering on top of a pile of canvases.

More shelves, and more work surface for mixed media stuff.

A peek around the other side... even hung some of my practice/fun pieces.

Here's a look at the table top we picked up for $2 this weekend! My containers break down and fit nicely underneath.

So here's the long view... a cleaned up space, just waiting for my inspirations and creations!

Last note... notice the red tubs. I picked up eight of them for 50cents each!! So great for storage!

Tomorrow I am off to my ocean front campsite at Bodega Bay.  Been visioning that for the last two weeks! Hoping for more sun than fog... but also looking forward to the fog horn and seagulls!  I'll see if I can post a movie clip.
Sweet Blessings to you!

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  1. What an inspiring special place to do art. Love that you can actually open the windows. In Texas we have a tad too many bugs :) Great idea hanging your art with things that you love. You have created a special place. Good for you!


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