Friday, August 13, 2010


Just got back from an amazing art retreat in Yosemite. Actually, I camped (by myself!!) at Bass Lake and drove into Yosemite for my art time.  The Art Center offers wonderful art lessons by professional artists from all over the state.  David Deyell was the teacher of the week... a talented and fabulous teacher. I learned so much from him... especially giving "permission" to use black. David uses one flat brush and utilizes all it's sides and angles. He loads his color on the brush and mixes colors on the paper, not the pallet. He gets clear, bright colors by placement of complimentary colors, yellows against purple, red against blue or green, etc. I'd take a class from David again anytime!!

I'm so proud of myself, to go off camping by myself. I kept questioning: am I 19, 44, or 63! Turns out, 63 is great because they gave me a life long pass to all National campgrounds!!!! Bass Lake is amazing and beautiful, but full of families and boats. It wasn't the serene camping experience I was looking for... but beautiful, none the less.

Finally, I can't resist showing you this piece of inspiration. My cousin Joanie gave me this camping coffee pot many years ago.  She had a special thing about using vintage items when camping. Joanie has been gone now for more than 10 years, but I feel her presence and legacy in moments and things like this.  Look for some art inspired by this coffee pot. Maybe a folk art painting of the pot, with some sort of image reflecting in the body?
Cousin Joanie's Camping Coffee Pot

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