Friday, December 14, 2012

I'm doing stuff....

You understand, right? There are just some activities that keep you out of your sewing room. But I did squeeze in a few hours yesterday. My son says his new girlfriend is a 'treasure'.... so, I made her a treasure bag. I haven't even met her yet, but if he thinks that way, she's gotta be a sweetie. Going to meet her on Saturday.
So, here's the bag. Very simple, EXCEPT!!! I made the whole thing (inside and out) out of very slippery velvets! Did a crazy quilt front, and played around with more of my machine's fancy stitches. Just a simple bag with some Vinese lace applique and some bows.
 Since she's taken his heart... Here's a piece of vintage jewelry, a heart full of diamonds!
 Here's a closeup of some of the fancy stitches. Let it be known, velvet can hide your stitches! But, these showed up great.
 And, the inside is lined with a deep blue velvet.... very yummy.


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