Friday, December 28, 2012

Sweet and Simple Prayer Book #3

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When I started making these lacy prayer books, I was going for simplicity, to let Holy Mary's image speak. But I keep picking up more laces, hankies, vintage dresses.... "oh," I think to myself, "this feels right here." And "Let's see how this would look." Actually, honestly, I don't think much at all. I can never remain in meditation for long without tons of thoughts cascading through my mind. But when I give myself to creating these sacred books, no thoughts. hmmmm

So, I went for simplicity with this smaller book. It's about 3x4" and all machine sewn, except for the pearly trim on the front cover. I enjoyed playing with my machines crazy quilt stitches. Had to be very careful when sewing back to back, that the stitches don't cover some important pieces of lace.

I used trims from vintage hankies on this little prayer book too.

 These pictures look washed out.... I think because I used the close-up lens to keep my shadow out of the picture. I do better with sewing machines over cameras!


  1. I love your prayer keepers! You have inspired me to try and make one of my own down the road. (-;

  2. I love the soft pinks in this book. Pink is known to relax people so when you open this book, you can be relaxed and ready to pray to the Blessed Mother.

  3. I love your prayer books, i'll have to put that on my short list to make.. i sure enjoy all your lace...molly/


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