Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Four more pages...

Ah... I had most of yesterday in my sewing studio, tucked under the protection of my giant Redwoods! Didn't have a clue what I was going to create... then my supplies started jumping into my hands saying 'pick me' - 'use me' - and - 'I'll be perfect there!"

So here are the four new pages.
The sweet image was printed on silk. The fabrics are from vintage dresses, and the little crochet pocket... well, I think it was to put on the bottom of a glass? This is what popped off my shelf and said 'use me, I'll be perfect here'.
 This page I created to be placed opposite of the above page. Originally, this needle point was to be incorporated into one of my gypsy purses.... but it really looks great here.
 I love the way the silk took my inkjet color on  Mother Mary. I rediscovered several purple-ish dresses in a drawer... Handy scissors and here we go.
 More fabric from the purple-ish dresses.... the pocket here is actually a purple tulle over an orange silk, embroidered with sequins and a metallic thread. Made for a nice pocket.
 These two little treasure bags I made on Sunday. Used vintage doilies and trims. So much fun. I'm not having much luck selling things on my etsy site... but they are for sale if anyone is interested. ($20 each)

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  1. Loving each and every page you've made so far. The little doilie purses are just too cute!


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