Friday, December 28, 2012

Sweet little Devotional Pouches

Guess I get bored easy. So today I changed gears, just a little, and created some sweet Devotional Pouches. Perfect for gift giving, your prayer or rosary beads, or other small Sacred Objects.

Most measure 4x6", made from vintage hankies, laces, and silk images of Mother Mary. All are available on my Etsy Shop.

I'm seriously considering taking a space in a local artisan's collective (even though I own an Antique collective). I love making Devotional art. I had to stop making Gypsy Carpet Bag and boho purses two months ago because I created 20, and that's kind of a lot! (I did sell four in my shop though!) The manager saw my purse and gave me a resounding YES! So, I'm thinking this will be a good outlet for my desire to keep on creating.

I'm scheduled to work in my store the last three days of the month, so, if I don't post again, I send you my love, prayers, and Sweet Blessings for a Wonderful New Year.
xoxo Chris


  1. You have such a good touch for putting the laces together. Love the little pouches.



  2. I love the white which symbolized the virgin Mary and the soft pinks. The pouch makes it special to carry your treasure.


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