Thursday, December 27, 2012

Prayer Keeper Lace Book #2.....

I felt so enthused and inspired after my first Prayer Keeper book, I feel a deep impulse to keep creating them. And, for some reason, I've been drawn to working with sepia tones. I'm usually Gypsy oriented in my love of vivid, deeply saturated colors. The only color I've added to this is a very soft salmon/pink. Well, here are the pictures..... (sorry about the shadow at the bottom of each pic.)
SOLD (Thank you Nicki Lee!)
Front cover...there is a deep pocket on the left side of this, roomy enough to hold a small prayer book or journal.
 First spread....You'll notice more pockets in this book. Plus, I cut into several vintage dresses, so you'll see some beautiful laces.
 Each spread has at least one pocket.

 The second spread... you can see the delicate fabric on the left. It's actually the sleeve and cuff from what is probably a Victorian era dress. The lining is shredding, but the gauzy voile on top holds it together. I had that bodice for so many years. I'm happy it's found a sacred home.
 The pink ribbon is from a roll dated 1919! The lace applique pocket and string of flowers are new... but they all blend beautifully. Oh, and I just discovered this new stitch on my machine! I love it!
 Lots of lace, gauze, and even a piece of vintage hanky.
 Final spread....
 The two lace squares make the pocket on this page. And one of the few remaining roses from my 1919 stash.


  1. Hi Chris, Another stunning creation! Simply beautiful! Looks like you will have to make another one for your Etsy shop as this one has been taken. I'm so looking forward to holding it in my hands and am sure my friend will love her Christmas gift.

    Big hugs,
    Nicki Lee

  2. Ohhhhh Myyyyyy! I just received this beautiful prayer book in the mail today and can't stop looking and touching it. It is beyond beautiful and so much prettier than your pictures can convey. I bought it for my friend who has had a few rough years and know she will cherish me when I say it is going to be hard to part with. Thank you so much for all the extra pretties you sent my way - I adore them.

    My best wishes to you for a beautiful and happy New Year.

    Nicki Lee


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