Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Decision - The Victory

You may laugh... it's just a walk... and a short walk at that! Why the resistance.

So, I'm in my struggle this morning. Shall I walk now, or plan to after working in the shop today. I was tending towards the procrastination point of view. Then a phone call (at 7:02!!) Someone found little Lulu up the street and would be walking her back. I needed to throw on my clothes to meet the kind neighbor who walked Lulu back.

So there. Now I'm dressed. One of my major procrastination defenses.

Guess I asked for help, and I got it.
So I did it.
I walked.
Enjoyed the garden of a neighbor I now want to meet.
I walked!!!!!!!!


  1. Thank you Lulu for helping your momma in her commitment! What an angel you are.

  2. Yea Lulu! and Yea Chris!

    I bet it was a beautiful walk :-)


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