Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An almost miss

Wow... I almost missed posting today! Decided to post at the end of the day because I'm just too happy every morning. Everything always looks so good, so positive, so possible. I am truly an early morning person. so it's often difficult to get into deeper feelings, especially when it comes to the things that frustrate me, or make me turn to compulsive behaviors.

So, with best intentions... at 10:15 this evening there was a loud pop and off went our electricity. Sweet David, Brit's boyfriend had to turn around on his way home and come back because a tree had fallen across power lines. We thought we were in for a night and maybe a day before the electric would be back. That always brings out the pioneer in me. But I wouldn't be able to meet my goal of posting daily.

then, just a few minutes ago... blink, blink, blink, my little bedside clock started blinking. We're on again. But now, I'm way to tired to post.

I just had this thing.
I HAVE to post every day.
Is that compulsive?
But I did do it, I did post.
Just not too much substance.
But I'm a morning person.


  1. Our lights blinked on and off too...right in the middle of creating my blogpost for tonight. I almost thought I could just go to bed and post tomorrow...but we didn't get off that easy, Chris!

    Love you!

  2. Sometimes substance comes in small packages. Love your post Chris! Good night and Joyful Dreams :-)


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