Sunday, July 12, 2009


Yesterday was an amazing day, completing the decorating on Brit's room. She was so delighted to see what we had done. And what JOY I got to experience!

So this morning is a beautiful, peaceful, and serene Sunday. My animals are roaming about, saying good morning to their favorite haunts. I tried to meditate, to empty my mind... but I kept drifting into thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts. I just read in Caroly Myss's "Entering the Castle" that there is light in the silence. I really wanted to go for that "light"... but couldn't quite find my silence. Tried playing some meditation music from the Star Child site... but thoughts kept swirling about. Maybe, because I am a high energy, morning person... I should find a time later in the day when it's easier to quiet this thinking.

As I set my intentions for today... ahhh. I have none! Not that there isn't three thousand million things that need doing... I just don't feel compelled to make a list, prioritize, nor schedule a darn thing beyond sitting on the porch swing with my coffee. (Which I plan to do the moment I sign off here.)

Well, with that....
I'm on to my porch swing.
Many blessings of the Summer Day to you,

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