Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

And it was. A wonderful "accountability" call with Carol, then a fabulous client call. Then the Sacred Sisters of my Sacred Commerce class came. Each week we go deeper and deeper with our insights, higher and higher with our vibrations. I'm left feeling deeply contented and on Purpose.

As this group has evolved, I'm finding more and more, that sense of being "On Purpose". Not necessary to have a scripts on hand, or to fill up time, or make sure that I've prepared enough material so they walk away enlightened or educated. Rather, it's evolved to a surrender, an allowing, a tuning in to the spirit, soul, and energy of the group.


I had great intentions today. To complete several hours of book study and art work... instead I spent some time with Brit and I took a long nap on the porch swing. Still feel satisfied.

So I say, thank you God for this Terrific Tuesday.

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  1. How wonderful that you feel satisfied even though you weren't as "productive" as you had planned. What a gift to give yourself the day off...off from that never-ending to-do list :)


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