Thursday, July 16, 2009

Glad I walked this morning!

By the end of the hot day in the shop, I had pushed through to get all the sales data entered. Feeling low energy, I only had enthusiasm for this....

Haiku for the Walk

To walk, stroll, hike, trek
I want my heart to want it
Rather take a bath

Sunshine lights the path
Dancing reflection on leaves
Why can’t I hear you

I used to love you
Walking with my shadow self
Am I afraid now?

Sluggish inner child
Demanding pouting not me
But who really wins?

I want to want it
To own “Can’t live with out it”

Body moves graceful
The path is dancing with joy
Reluctant I come

Following with trust
Divine intelligence calls
Grace and joy propels

Poetic verse calls
Energy to move and dance
Playful on the path

I surrender now
To the calling deep within
Hello Divine Health


  1. Breathtaking Haiku Chris.

    I feel your longing, resistance, honesty and surrender.

    What an adventurous journey this blog commitment is!

    LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Oh so beautiful - you brought me along with you! Thank you, Chris.

  3. Chris, your walk to health was just awesome!!! Thanks for sharing.


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