Sunday, July 19, 2009

Awake, Aware and Walking

This was truly a lovely day that started with a cuddle with Brit on my bed, with the morning light in the Redwood trees. She and I used to talk to the fairies out this same window! Then Bill helped us put all the crystals on her new lamp. Then brunch for all three of us. All very relaxed.

Somehow, the day floated by with calm, ease and gentleness. (Though Bill had a time crawling under the house to get the electric to the other side.)

I became aware that I had visioned a day exactly like this. One with no big, hurried schedule. Rather a day to let flow as it may. Each of us got things done... more boxes put away, more yard clean up... but through out the day I felt a deep calmness. No stress. Such a new and interesting feeling.

Late in the day Brit and I drove up to Loch Lomond. It's just less than one mile, but the lake is actually lower in altitude than our house, so it's a long clime up to the ridge, then a longer hill down to the lake's edge. Very steep. So we drive. But then there was the most fabulous one mile walk along the lakeside. We watched the ducks. Serenity, peace, simple joy. Such a nice, almost effortless walk. Oh... and there was NO STRUGGLE. I looked forward to that walk all day. I look forward to another tomorrow.

So, I'm thankful that I seem to be more in my body and conscious of 1) what I'm eating and 2) how I'm moving. I also took some time to start my writing journey with SARK. It's a 30 day, at your own speed, writing course. First assignment was to write a list of beautiful moments. Then to pick one of the moments and write a third-person story. Not something I'm comfortable with. Rather write Haiku.

I remembered taking my oldest son to the park, late afternoons, after my husband left for his evening shift at the police station. We would sit on the grass near the pansies and I would read and 2-4 month old Billy would gaze at all the colors. It was such a beautiful time. So in my short story about it, Chris is still saying goodby to her policeman husband. And somehow, I've gotten caught up in the cost of our groceries. Somehow, I've got to get her out the door and to the park. It's really very lovely to remember... but a little trying to write as a short story.

I'm stretching.

Much love to my sweet readers.
Blessings, Chris


  1. Dear Chis,
    Dear, Dear, Dear Chris. I feel your sense of peace, contentment, and serenity in each sentence. Your writing brings me to that wonderful feeling of connectedness - sharing our soul sisterhood. Sister Goddess Connection!

  2. Dear Chris,

    I am right there with you through this lovely day (though it happened a few days ago now). Thank you for giving me a glimpse into the beauty and grace of your life.

    Yes, writing fiction can be a bit foreign. I have learned that letting go of thinking that you know the characters (even if it is your child or you) and becoming curious about who they are, helps to alleviate the stress of having to create the story. Ask questions of them...let the characters (your younger self and your child) tell you the story. YOU are now the narrator and a very, very curious observer who has heart and TRULY wants to capture the essence of your characters. Let go, let GOD and PLAY...see what happens then.

    LOVE YOU fellow writer!


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