Friday, July 31, 2009

Celestial Team speaks??

I'm feeling very humble this evening. It's been a beautiful and peaceful day. I actually did some planning to start my next Sacred Commerce group in September. Then, this evening I held our San Lorenzo Valley Holistic Practitioner's Network Meeting. Peggy Black spoke so eloquently about her Celestial helpers, partnered to guide her business. She tapped into some deep, latent knowledge that I've been sitting on for years.

I was born with my Guardian Angel, an awareness so common in Catholic childhood. I've always felt his presence. There have been times in my life when I've journaled to my Angel Michael... asking for and receiving guidance.

Tonight, struck by the idea of partnering with my "Team" to design my work that's on my purpose has set me into silence. I don't have words... just feel befuddled. So much joy has manifested over the last few months, all from the energy of the Law of Attraction. Something magical guided me to ask Peggy to be our speaker this evening. I was supposed to hear her words.

My angels calling me? A tap on the shoulder? I've been in a nice, mellow space since this move. In a designed pause before setting out to do what ever it is God wants me to do next. So very timely that I'm hearing this now.

So, I ask my angels... what.... what now. Do you want me to follow you. Set up a new routine? follow some guidelines? tell me, tell me....

The only answer I hear is...

Maybe there will be more tomorrow. I'm really open, and kind of afraid of the power and potential of paying attention here.

Relax... breathe... stop thinking and planning.

And so it is.


  1. Chris, this evening with Peggy Black was very powerful for me too. I totally get being a bit afraid of the power and potential.

    Relax...that's a good start!


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