Sunday, August 2, 2009


I am still moved to speechless from the Holistic Network meeting on Friday night. At first there was this inner push to figure it all out. To write profound thoughts on the subject of my Angels and Guides.

I did stop and become silent (for a moment), and the one-word message I received was

So I have. Not that I've stopped my "doing" around here... the Zen Garden is looking really lovely. What I'm relaxing is the push, the effort in my mind.

Silly but interesting, I believe I have a Creative Sacred Space Angel that sends me REALLY LOUD messages. Proof #1: (this seems silly, but it's true) Last week I was heading out to Kmart to pick up some cheap 6-pack plants for my Zen Garden. I kept getting a REALLY LOUD inner message to stop at the Plant Works in Ben Lomond. Happily I found a number of wonderful plants marked WAY down, mostly to $5 each! normally $20-45 each! I loaded up and said "Thank you God". Was this my Creative Sacred Space Angel? (I feel I need a better name for this Celestial Light.)

Proof #2: (again, this seems silly, but also true) Just yesterday Brittany, David and her friend Katie suddenly volunteered to paint the shed that is one side of my Zen Garden. I have a magazine picture of just the right color purple, with green trim to inspire me. So I zipped down to the hardware store in Ben Lomond, and there was TWO cans of PURPLE opps paint for $5 each!! (Opps paint is paint that the paint mixer messed up, so they sell it for $5, normally $35-40!)

I keep saying it sounds silly.. an angel guiding the creation of my sacred spaces? Yet, the whole painting party was so quickly inspired (and almost completed!) there seems to be an energy that keeps propelling the creation of this space, and of our home!

Silly-Sacred.... actually, sounds allot like JOY, light heartedness, peace, smiles, open heart, comfortable, welcoming, ZEN.

Thank you Mother-Father God... THANK YOU! my Juicy Sacred Creative Angel!!!

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  1. And why not a Juicy Sacred Creative Angel???? This is an important element in your life, Chis, so it's not silly at all! Can I borrow her once in a while???


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