Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's the liver all about????

Today was an amazing day. Peggy Black brought her "Team" of Celestial Guides to our Sacred Commerce group. She did a reading for the group as a whole, talking about the tapestry we are weaving with our soul connections, and the work we will do collectively and individually.... maybe even a collaborative book!

Then she "read" each of us.... rather, she allowed the Team to speak through her. Each of us was moved and validated for information and knowledge we already (kind of) knew.

For me, she validated that this is a time of going within and simplifying my life. They talked about our property and the healing nature here. They asked for a name and instantly the name "Chrysalis" came out of my mouth. Appropriate. A time of being in the cocoon, preparing for transformation.

So, part of being in the cocoon, for me, is about doing the deeper work I've mentioned before. Entering the Castle has me searching out "deep stuff" in rooms filled with grief, shame, loss, and sadness. Who want to go there! But it's a necessary journey, into the dark night of the soul.

The Team picked up energy around my liver. Louise Hay says the liver holds anger issues. I think the liver is about cleansing. I don't relate to the anger part. Yet, I'm open to the messages that may be lurking in the darkest corridors of my Castle/Liver.

My friend Maja speaks of living in the mystery. That's kind of where I'm at right now. It's all a mystery. I'll be starting classes next week, working towards a degree in "Expressive Arts Therapy". As for starting up new business, developing new groups or attracting new clients... well that seems to be on hold for the moment. It's not the time to start something new.

When I'm ready.... well, wow. I can feel it and see it. Just not right now.

In the mean time, I'm curious about what my liver has to teach/show me. I welcome any insights concerning the metaphysical aspects of the liver.

Many blessings, and


  1. I took the liberty of looking up the liver...
    In metaphysics the liver is the organ associated with the soul.

    The liver is associated with the third Chakra: Function: Root of our emotional balance, personal power and metabolic energy. When we feel upset, angry or hurt we often feel this chakra. It's primal essence is that of the Will. Physically: Works on the stomach and liver area.
    Symptons of a blocked 3rd Chakra may include Digestive difficulties, Liver problems, Diabetes, Nervous exhaustion and Food Allergies.

    Perhaps you don't feel anger...but grief, shame, loss, and sadness, I think, are similar emotions. They are often what is underneath the anger.

    Keep doing the hard Castle work, Chris, I think this will clear your liver!

    Love you!!!!

  2. How deep you are diving - all the way down to the depths of your liver! I have a vision of you floating downstream looking towards the banks of the river and viewing all the aspects yourself that are calling out to you now. Be open to the small stops along the way to clear out the floating debris. Clearing your way is work but the reward is worth your effort. Stay the course...


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