Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome to my Zen Garden

Well... I finally figured out why my camera wouldn't load pictures to my computer... so first thing this morning I have to post the awesome views that wake me each morning! Taken right about 8:30am. I've already been journaling and meditating before I thought to capture the view.

While I am doing some deeper soul work (Entering the Castle, by Carolyn Myss) I am held in the gentle loving container of this Zen Garden. I leave my garden to "do my day", but many times a day, I return to it's beauty.

This is the view from my pillow.....
You can see the sun light filtering through the Redwoods. Quan Yin, up close on the right, was found in a garage sale more than 15 years ago. We love her and she has graced every home/garden we've lived in.

This is a planter my son Tim made, planted with tiny baby plants which will fill out in time. You can also see another Budha statue, plus my altered art shrine.Here's a long shot of the left side of the garden. The ceremonial umbrella came from Bali about 11 years ago when I was honored to travel with Soul Sister Toni!
Bill and I found the little boy fountain way in the back, about 17 years ago. We gave it to my dad for his garden. Now that dad has passed, it has special meaning to me, knowing my dad enjoyed seeing it through his kitchen window every day.
Want to come visit in my Zen Garden? Tea is lovely. Sometimes just sitting in silence is wonderful.

Much love,


  1. I've been in this sacred Zen Garden - it is a peaceful, meditative space. I'm so happy for you and your family, Chris, for re-discovering this place!


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