Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm being followed!

So, today, in our Sacred Commerce group we went on a magical, angelic guided meditation. And OH WHAT A DREAM! Our guide, Denise Linn, took us into a beautiful domed structure (mine had deep blue painted ceilings with gold woodwork)... the center of the dome opened to the sky where suddenly a sweet little cherub face peeked over the edge!

Straightaway we were swarmed by hundreds of the sweetest, most adorable, little angels, all laughing and giggling like happy, delighted children. MIRTH! The angelic cherubs romped and danced, soared and swirled all around us for what seemed like a life-time, yet passed in mere minutes. I'm still smiling and still feel the tingles of joy and delight.

Do you know, those little celestial beings stayed with me all day! They accompanied me to our old house and made the chore of cleanup, organizing, sorting, etc.... all go happily and smoothly. This was a dreaded, heavy chore! But my little companions made light of the work and actually had Bill and I being silly and having fun to boot!

So I invite you to go into your heart, find that special domed shaped chamber, and invite these tiny Celestial Angels into your life.

Why not lighten up.
Why not have some fun.
God is Good.

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  1. Chris, you are being followed by angels and accolytes!
    Continue leading the way...


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