Monday, August 3, 2009

"Little things" to "Sacred LIttle Moments"

It's the little things. I often allow little things to get me... to lead me into frustration and dense energies. I don't want to say "It's ALWAYS the little things" because I don't want to program that thought into reality.

So, I've got two lessons going on here...
#1 how I allowed a little thing to diminish my serenity
#2 how my framing with the word "always" can keep the pattern stuck

I didn't sleep well, even after an amazingly beautiful day yesterday. I enjoyed my Zen garden from my bed until 11am! Unheard of from me. It was so beautiful! I even downloaded some fabulous Zen flute music to accompany the essence of the garden. Bill and I had a lovely trip to Watsonville. I listened to my Angels and found amazing tomatoes for 10 cents a pound! (Yes!) We put down Redwood bark chips and the surrounding areas help to create even more serenity, peace and calm in the Zen Garden!

So, I was feeling quite peaceful when I went to bed and was about to blog about the day.. when my cable connection to the internet was lost. Second time in two weeks. Plus the new "bundled" cable phone line cuts out like poor cell phone reception, but only at night. So, rather than deal with it last evening at 9pm, I took it to bed with me. Unrest was in my sleep and dreams. I even told myself that I could use this opportunity to practice the Law of Attraction... I could be agitated or relaxed and peaceful.

In the end... my reframing it helped me correct the issue first thing this morning which allowed me a little time to meditate, journal and blog. I corrected the problem by unplugging everything and rebooting the works.

So, now I set my intention to reframe my attitude today. Instead of being tired from restless sleep, I am open to the flow of the day. I am open to the love and care of my angels. I'm busy today, all over town, bank, antique store, etc. I intend to take the visual, audible, sacred essence of my Zen Garden with me to enjoy in sacred little moments through out the day.

Hey! I transformed "little things" to "sacred little moments"! Thank you Angles and Guides.

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  1. Chris, I love sharing your sacred moments with you...


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