Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sacred Sisters and Celestial Guides

It was an interesting and amazing morning. My sweet Sacred Sisters met with me for our Sacred Commerce group. We've decided to call this Level IV.... Peggy Black's talk last week about partnering with your Celestial Guides really took us to a new level. It feels like it's the missing piece... to fully engage the power, protection, and Divine Guidance of our Celestial Guides. Peggy calls them her "Team". No matter what "they" are called, they are ready to be at our service, if only we make space and call them in.

So, today I made a commitment to set a contact time each day to connect with my Divine Guides. I started a new journal just to record the process. Here's my initial contract:

I form this partnership fully awake and conscious of the pantheon of spiritual guides, angels, saints, totem animals, and beings who have gone on before. The purpose of the partnership is two fold:
1: for my personal growth and development
2: for guidance and direction to make myself available to do the work I was brought here to do.

I agree to work in partnership with my spiritual guides.
I agree to show up and be accountable.
I agree to be conscious of their direction and influence.
I agree to allow full support.
I agree to place myself under the Law of Diving Guidance and Divine Protection in all situations, time frames, and realities.
I agree to be about my Divine Purpose.
I agree to be a clear channel of Divine Light and Divine Love.
I agree to follow the Divine Laws of Attraction.
I acknowledge my Divine Troop of Celestial Angels and Guides are ever present and available to me.
And so it is agreed.
And so it is.

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