Friday, August 7, 2009

Allowing is so much more fun than controlling!

And that's the truth! There was nothing in the world I could do or say to change the frustrating behavior of the cable company.... it was what it was.... and eventually, it did get fixed. There I was in the middle of one of my own lessons: I could let my self get anxious and stressed, or I could allow myself to flow with what ever. Well, I know there's a middle ground, I and think I'm getting closer to recognizing the choice point... sooner!

So, I've been playing observer, watching my Self through these last few days. I have re-experienced some of the stress I left behind months ago. Difference is, my angels and guides have been right here, tugging on my sleeve to get me to see the bigger "allowing" picture.

My Essene Book of Days started my morning with this:
"Thy will be done"
Is the name of the River
That carries me along.
This day, I surrender my ego
To that eternal river

Hmmm... isn't it interesting how we read/see/hear just what we need WHEN we need it!!
Sweet blessings

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