Friday, July 10, 2009

Sun's Up!

Oh, how beautiful it is to wake with the sun kissing the branches of the Redwoods outside my bedroom windows! I am so loving our move back here to Felton.

Yesterday was a blessed day, when I was able to keep my frame of mind and not allow stress to impact my peace, calm, and spirituality. Just walking slower and being conscious of breathing helps to keep my awareness in the now.

Opps, I do remember allowing stress when it took me a full 45 minutes circling through the maze of phone company system to get the call forwarding to work. It was really the only time in the day where I allowed stress to build up. I had a schedule I wanted to follow and 45 minutes of useless circling, holding and explaining frustrated my plan. It took a bit of time in the gardens to reclaim my serenity.

Today I affirm and set my intention to be fully aware of myself, like a walking meditation. I know that God is working through me as I tend to all that needs tending by me. And if/when a potential stress=making situation arises, I intend to "allow" deep breathing, relaxation, flexibility, and peace of mind to replace the allowing of stress.

I get that we get to "allow" either experience. Allow stress? Allow Peace! duh!

Thank you God for your brilliance working through my sometimes muddled mind!

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