Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday, 8/20, DAY ONE #2!

Well, I blew it yesterday.... not my fault, but I really get how being prepared is important. I was fully involved working my ebay listings, doing my online banking, etc. and about 9:45 I thought "who is working the shop today", I checked, and it was ME!!! I had totally spaced on the fact that I work the third Tuesdays.

So I quickly packed up what work I could take with me, dressed, grabbed some cottage cheese, and left. So my OA lunch was missing it's 12 oz of veggies. Plus, the frustration of having my tightly controlled schedule was thrown completely off.... enough frustration to really want me to reward myself with food. but that was the old days. I felt pouty, poor me, sorry for myself. I was a bit testy around my husband and granddaughter, so I took some extra time, just 10 minutes to sit and meditate.... calling out the God that is within me. God, God, where ever you are, deep inside me, come out, come out, make me sane, let me feel your presence.

God is great.... I ate a normal OA meal and went to bed early.

I am so grateful!

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