Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday, August 24 Angel's Camp

Oh, we are so lucky to have our TimeShares! The drive down to Angels Camp is just three hours from the high county of Yosemite. We were going to just stay here at Angels camp and drive in each day... but I'm so glad that we actually camped right there in the valley. Now we have the amenities of a full kitchen, two bathrooms, etc.... plus a lovely deck that looks out on the golf course. I've been in the pool allot, doing my water aerobics.

Didn't mention in my Yosemite posts about how difficult it was to get out of the low beach chair I just had to have! Plus, riding my bike really stressed my knees. I was just feeling so owie, old and out of condition... of which I am! Swimming on the other hand, allows me great exercise and stretching. I have great plans though, of biking, hiking, and really moving my body with comfort and ease. That is a goal I keep my internal eyes upon!

I'm still struggling with the darned food plan... weighing and measuring and all of that. I've stayed away from flour and sugar... but their is a pouty me that is pissed off and feels sorry for her self. I should at least be able to have a glass of wine. Then, I remember how it used to be.... I'd have good intentions of just one class of wine, or just a normal serving of crackers and cheese... but then, I'd end up wanting and consuming more.... finishing the bottle of wine and the cheese and crackers.... feeling bloated, not sleeping well, and once again, vowing that I would practice moderation the next day.

Whew.... I'm glad I wrote that down.... I feel GREAT RELIEF that I don't have to put myself though that anymore! So, the minor struggles I'm having, trying to weigh and measure, to eat the prescribed foods, is so worth NOT having the stuggles of out-of-control eating and drinking..

Another great happening for me today, was the start of my research for my two doctorate papers! Actually, I spent several hours researching. It was a fabulous break from the self centered thinking I've been doing. I'm excited to research and write my papers. More about that in future posts.
For today, I am thankful for my struggles.... I think by accepting them and allowing them just to be, it is letting go and letting God take over. It's just information, not my identity. Thank you God/Goddess, for the blessings in my life!

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