Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This week's work....

Yes, I started Tam's Life Book class and I'm not quite ready to post pictures yet. But, I'm loving the class!

Yesterday though, I got ambitious and created a SMASH BOOK journal to list on Etsy. I've been wanting to do one since taking Full Speed Boogey. I debated about putting on a traditional hand sewn binding, but I like the flexibility of the spiral bound. I'm curious what your thoughts are. I love the look and handle of the traditional, but the ease of folding over the pages in a spiral bound is great.

The front and back covers show off my paste papers (over heavy book board) and each has a sweet pocket on the inside to stash clippings or what ever. It totals 31 pages, with quite a few fold out pages, so there is at least 70+ pages for layouts. It measures just over 9x6".

Here are some pictures of the journal. Also, below is my latest covered composition book. Both listed on etsy.

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