Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mail Art....

Well, we're home again, and as always, I hit the ground running. So here's the first chance I've had to post pictures of the mail art I did on our vacation. The idea came up in one of my Yahoo groups (love that group!) and poof... out of my mind was my Madonna/Goddess paintings! This was so much fun! I wrote a short Haiku for each card. Started with a piece of 300lb watercolor paper and did a number of acrylic color washes that felt like the ocean, greens and blues. Funny thing... the post office said they were too stiff and charged me double plus something. But it was worth it. Next time I'll use cardstock, or hey, maybe a real postcard!

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  1. Beautiful Mail Art. Too stiff?! I've never heard of anything so ridiculous!! Nice little earner for the Post Office, methinks.


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