Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blissed out!

Whoops.... I've been so blissed out that I forgot I have a blog! Hubby and I are up here in Depoe Bay, Oregon, right on the coast!

Loving every moment, every sound of the huge winter waves at high tide.

And here is the amazing MOON SETTING from Sunday morning.

Yesterday was cloudy and rainy.... but the mighty Ocean Muses kept me happy at my little art table. What a view! rain or shine!

On the right is one of my faces from Tam's class. I'm taking her LIfe Book class, but didn't take a picture of that first painting. The one on the left is from All Norah's Art, Sharon's Faces in Collage. I REALLY REALLY like the way she turned out. This is Hestia, the Greek Goddess of home and hearth, eyes turned heavenward offering the gift of fire to keep our hearts warm.

Today's going to be another FULL DAY of painting! Just loving it!
Namaste and Sweet Blessings.....


  1. Beautiful pictures!! I hope you and your other half have a wonderful relaxing time!

  2. Loved the pictures feel free to share as many ocean crashing on cliff sides that you can stand.


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