Friday, January 13, 2012

A FUN week!

This has been a really fun week. Usually I travel alone, and I love it. But this trip, hubby felt up to coming along and we've had so much fun.... doing almost nothing. Nothing by fooling around with a little art, or mostly, sitting on the deck over the ocean reading, drinking wine coolers, and eating local cheese and bread. That's the life!

Oh... then, there have been a few visits from old friends who live somewhat local to Depoe Bay, Oregon. My highschool girlfriend Karen drove 2 hours from Eugene to visit. What a hoot.... we didn't miss a beat since we saw each other last about 25 years ago. We both still wear our hair like we did in 1965. Oh... and she brought along her highschool boyfriend who she reunited with after 45 years! How sweet is that! Today they are in love and happy.... I'm so happy they found each other again.

And last night our friends Nina and Hugh arrived from northern Washington (six hour drive) to spend today with us. I'll post pics tomorrow.

So, no more art today.... just visiting and relaxing with dear friends.

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  1. From Joanna....
    Sounds great! How romantic for your friend to hook up with her highschool sweetheart after so many years. Love will out, as they say.


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