Friday, January 29, 2010

Well, here they are... my first four angels. I feel really good about them. Mostly because I have never attempted faces before. Interesting though, how different they look in a photo or here in my blog. Now I see some changes I want to make. .I'm very happy with this one, though I think I need to put more contour into her face. Looks kinda flat. I love her eyes though.

.This was finished two weeks ago on my art retreat... but I didn't like the face so I redid it this morning. Still thinking about the closed eyes thing.

.Same with this one's face. I feel I've learned so much I wanted to totally redo her face too. Now, I just don't like her eyes. They need to be darker.

.This was my first redheaded angel. She's ok... but her eyes should be lower. Just got to a place of wanting to be done. Everytime I look, seems like I should do something else.

Both of the redhaired angels were done on board. I've also done some shading around the edges to give them a distressed look. Thinking about doing a light crackle finish.

Any comments are so welcomed. Thanks for looking!

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  1. Chris, your four angels are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I think as artists, we always see the changes we want to make. I've been told there is a beauty in "imperfection" - our art is not done by a machine or computer, where everything is precise and calculated. It's done by hand, with the creativity in the moment. And the "not so perfect" aspects of our art is what makes it art -that's it's beauty.

    Your angels are perfect, just as they are. There will be other angels who will look different, perhaps more "realistic" or "precise", but they will never be these angels.


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