Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting 2010

Tucked into our Redwood mountain cabin I'm begining the New Year by creating a daily Spiritual Practice that includes two new features for me: Lectio Divina and some form of drawing, doodling, or painting (Zen doodles, Mandala's, etc.). Lectio Divina is Latin for divine reading, spiritual reading, or "holy reading," and represents a traditional practice of prayer and scriptural reading intended to promote communion with God and to increase in the knowledge of God's Word. It is a way of praying with Scripture that calls one to study, ponder, listen and, finally, pray and even sing and rejoice from God's Word, within the soul. I've chosen to begin with an antique copy (1939) of Laotzu's Tap and Wi Wei.

I've also signed up for Abby of the Arts
Lenten E-course. (Anyone interested in following with me, let me know, and we'll sign up for a group rate.) I've always told myself I could never paint faces, so I've mostly focused on landscape paintings or had my husband do the faces for me (in my angels of this past year). But some inner guide has led me to explore folk art angels. I've found two AMAZING artists: Gritty Jane and Mystele (I love, love LOVE her layers! always a teal in every face!).

So, I've been verrryyy inspired! So.. several days ago I began my first folk art face... and these NUNS! seem to be appearing! We'll see where that goes!
Here is a picture of my bedroom art table and my first attempts.
Notice the beautiful Zen Alter my granddaughter gave me. My dad made the cross when he was in the Navy during WWII. All the little compartments are perfect for my little icons and candles.

And here is just one of the faces that came through. I'm looking forward to sharing more from my Lectio Divina study and artistic explorations in 2010.

Many blessings to you.

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