Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Home again and challenged!

Ok... so you'd think he'd be happy I'm home again. It's pouring rain and I'm cooking a turkey (actually a half turkey that was on sale). My hubby comes home and says he challenges me to draw or paint this!! Can you guess what it is?? Scroll down.Actually, I don't even know what it's called. But I do know you can eat it. In the mean time, it looks great, and inspiring, on my art dest.

So, I finally got my Muleskine journal and started sketching and shading.
Here are my ladies.
this one is a bit more stylized.... I should probably stick to that since most of my faces seem to have rings around their eyes.

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  1. Keep at it dearie, you're moving into the expression of your own artistic voice... L, T


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