Saturday, January 2, 2010

Passion for the Possible

Today I am holding a Conscious Connections gathering, the first of the New Year. "Passion for the Possible", we will call ourselves into fullness as we consciously bring in 2010. We're beginning with a Sacred Thread Ceremony. Here is the reading....

The Sacred Thread

The Sacred Thread
Reminds us we each are
Part of the Whole

The All There Is

A Sacred Circle

Connecting us all to something

So much bigger and more phenomenal

Than any one part of it’s whole

Yet each of us, significant and influential

Our individuation, no less than essential

Unique and distinct, cooperative and reciprocal

Aware that we each entwine our essence

Weaving into the tapestry of the All that Is

Interlacing our gifts of brilliance

Not contrived from without

But created within our own hearts

As the All manifests itself through Love

We are humbled in awe

Of the part of the All we each hold

In the Sacred Circle of God

Many Sacred & Sweet Blessings to you
PS Tomorrow I'll post the "I AM" Mind Map I'm passing out today

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