Sunday, January 3, 2010


Yesterday's program was so sweet and beautiful. Many beautiful surprises and wonderful inspirations were explored. I created this worksheet to record your Passion for Possibilities. The directions follow below the worksheet.

The I AM box is for qualities that define you and that you have been gifted with. Qualities of your spirit and soul. Who are you? And, what is the possibility that you want to create for yourself. This is the place to write down your dream.

The Who box is to list those who will be affected by your intentions. dreams, or goals. Maybe it's just you, and that's so important. Maybe it's your family or perhaps you want to serve a certain population. Be specific.

Where... imagine yourself living this dream, where are you? What do your surroundings look like?

What... are you doing. How are you living out the dream?

When... these are your next steps. It's not "after you retire" or get the raise. Once you've declared your intention, your dream, it has already begun. So what are your next steps?

The final box is WHY? My box said, "Because I have to"... there is something deep within that is driving me to fulfill a deeper purpose in my "retirement" years. I have to do it. (Plus it just feels great to be creating something new!)

Feel free to click on the worksheet and print it out for yourself. I could always send you the pdf copy if you like.

Many blessings this January 3rd evening.

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