Sunday, October 26, 2014

The birthing of new Spirit Dolls

Hello friends... Yesterday was amazing! Three new Spirit Dolls were birthed! Aren't we glad that we can give birth in this gentle and creative way! Not to mention Lots of Fun!!

Here we see Shannon securing the inner padding to her doll's frame.
 The arms were secured first by the artificial sinew, then the padding is secured with long strips of torn muslin. I love the wavy arms!
 Well, someone (me) got so engrossed she forgot to take more pictures of the process! Here's Shannon's doll almost finished!
 I love the beautiful applique! and all that thick red hair!
 Here is my doll. I started off with the fall color theme that seemed popular today... but something shifted, and here she is in her purple/green/blue finery! with feathers in her hair to boot.
 Lili's doll is magnificent! (sorry I spaced out on taking more pictures of Lili's process.) I love the white dreadlocks! And the royal blue belt sets off nicely against the orange velvet dress!
 both Lili and Shannon are so focused on their creations. This is the point in most workshops where I tactfully mention 'less is often more'... we could just keep going on and on... it's such fun!

 Beautiful smiles.... beautiful Spirit Dolls. A good time was had by all!
Today we make tiny Wisdom Books.... tiny little journals. Pictures to follow! I promise.

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