Wednesday, October 29, 2014

An amazing day with good friends...

Yesterday was both magical and sacred. I met up with wonderful friends Nina and Hugh in the lovely town of Port Townsend. They moved up here over seven years ago, so it was wonderful to see their beautiful home nestled in the hilly and wooded area. We took the ferry Ferry from Port Townsend and to visit Earth Sanctuary. (Read more about Earth Sanctuary here

This is the 'Stupa' Chuck built. A Stupa is a Buddhist commemorative monument housing sacred relics associated with the Buddha or other saintly persons.
 There were many Tibetan prayer flags and prayer wheels. Always to be spun in a clockwise direction, as the earth moves around the sun. Chuck used modern technology by placing hundreds of CD disks in these bells with hundreds of prayers on each CD... I forgot how many prayers he said were released with every revolution of each bell.
 Rock pillars were everywhere... and no, no cement or glue was used. Every rock is in Sacred Balance... a good inspiration for our daily lives.
 One of the many stone circles Chuck built on this land.

 Chuck Pettis—visionary, designer, author, monument-builder, and eco-artist—is the founder of Earth Sanctuary leading us on a guided tour with several meditation stops. We practiced a deep breathing meditation here, inside this structure.
 It was so wonderful to experience a whole day and wonderful evening with Nina and Hugh. I married them over 15 years ago!

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