Monday, October 27, 2014

Making tiny Wisdom Books

Well, yesterday was the third and final day of this three day retreat at the lovely Birch Bay. It was interesting the way the day took on a new direction. One of the attendees is animal friendly, and didn't want to make a leather covered book. (They are really tiny journals.) So before they arrived, I practiced making a book using cardboard covered with fabric for the book cover. It was a bit more detailed and complicated than the regular leather covered books.
   So when I showed the class my sample book, they all wanted to create a fabric covered journal. Yes, it was a tad more complicated, but everyone seemed to enjoy the process. Then, after we finished and admired each others books, everyone wanted to make a second one. AND!! I discovered some of my 'leather' recycled samples are not truly leather at all! There were several pieces of 'faux' leather... made of synthetic fibers!
   And, what fun we had. The leather covered journals were so much simpler to make. And I love watching the creative process in others. Here they are....
Aren't they fabulous? Each book has three signatures and can be written or doodled in.
   Today I return to Port Townsend. My GPS has a 'Minimize Freeways' selection. Took me through some beautiful and amazing scenery on the way up. Hopefully, it will be less rainy and I'll have some great photo opps.
  Sweet blessings, my friends.


  1. Oh yes Chris these are indeed fabulous - little book gems of beauty - each one different from the other.
    Judging from the last post all your planning and teaching produced some happy spirit dolls and happy women looking at the smiles on their faces.
    Have a safe trip home!
    xBlessings from Suzy

  2. Congratulations. Looks like the retreat was a huge hit.


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