Saturday, October 25, 2014

Day One... Spirit Doll Workshops - Prayer Sticks

Hello friends... I'm listening to the seagulls as I make this post this morning. Even though it's been mostly raining... it has be absolutely beautiful here at Birch Bay.

So, here are some pictures of our first day.... PRAYER STICKS
 Lili of Joyfull Essence, is auditioning a collection of feathers and trims, tuning into the Chakra colors.
 And Brigit, of Brigit's Beauties, is measuring and cutting lengths of fibers....

 We were SO FOCUSED! very little conversation was going on.... really, a BLISSFUL way to create!

 Lili is adding some beautiful crystal beads to her Spirit Doll face.
 And here are our three Prayer Sticks.... Mine is on the left, Lili's in the middle, and Brigit's on the right.

Bliss... after a happy day creating!

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