Monday, November 3, 2014

The Long and Lovely road home...

Hello friends... The road less traveled... yes, the far West side of Hwy 101 took me down the West side of the amazing Olympic National Forest. I'm taking an extra day, to take the long way home, and it is so worth it! God's beauty is everywhere!

Here, I left Port Townsend, Washington, at 5:30am... This is the cloud crowned Crescent Lake, right about 7:30am.

 Two hours later I'm at the Amazing Quinault Lake rain forest! As Cousin Claire said, it's enchanting!
 And with the sun out... there where magical blessings everywhere. Just look at the brilliance the sun plays with the greens, lights, and shadows.
 Found this beautiful, charming old lodge, Lake Quinault Lodge, for breakfast.
 And here is the view from my table...
 I could hear these waterfalls before I could see them!

 More blessings of the sun in the rainforest. The mosses and lichens glistened!
 The travel day came to an end at Cannon Beach, Oregon.
 I was presented this beautiful finale to a wonderful travel day.

 My second day on the return to home trip, I'm in an old motel at Gold's Beach towards the south end of Oregon. Right on the Rogue River!
An amazing room, right?
 I drove my car right down onto this beach on the Rogue River.
And collected this great group of river washed driftwood sticks... just waiting to be created into prayer sticks or Spirit Dolls.
Thanks for stopping by.  Next stop, my home, California!
Sweet Blessings, Chris

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