Monday, November 17, 2014

A wonderful day creating Spirit Dolls!

Firstly, I want to thank Joyce Leonard for allowing us to create our Spirit Dolls in her lovely, and sacred, Reiki Center. (Joyce is a wonderful teacher and healer if you should be so inclined to desire Reiki, lessons or treatments. Santa Cruz Reiki Works. )

As you look through these mostly candid photos, you'll notice the focus on each person's face! Our meditation took us deep, then the Spirit of each person's doll did all the directing.
Choices! So many faces, feathers, fibers to choose from!
 And many twigs, sticks, and driftwood pieces to form the body...
 Everyone is so focused on their creations!

 After binding the arms and body, we wrap batting and secure it with torn strips of muslin.

 Moving onto costuming and adorning the dolls... again, requires deep focus.
 Here, Mary is auditioning her doll's hair... wait till you see how she arranged the hair!

 Rosie found herself immersed in reds.... Rosie is also the youngest Spirit Doll maker I've worked with. She did amazing! Such confidence to create exactly what she wanted. You'll see her doll towards the end of this post.

 Larrissa, Rosie's mom, is engrossed in her own work.
 Pat, gazing at her amazing Spirit Doll. She used a beautiful blend of lavender and purple roving for hair.
 Here's Rosie and her beautiful creation in red....
 Rosie's mom, Larissa, and her creation... I love how the twigs extend both above and below.

 Rosie's Grandpa Geoff (the first man I've taught!) His doll had strong vibrations of a Katchina.

 The colors are rich and vibrant!
 Here's Mary's doll, being outfitted with her own sacred pouch.
 Sorry, the picture is blurry...
 Close up... don't you love the feathers?
 Mary is posing with her childhood Angel Friend... very sweet and full of good energy!
 Here's what I referred to about how Many handled the hair! There was a little too much fringe, so she rolled it back on both sides, along with a piece of ribbon... made for an amazing, dramatic look!

 Michele used beautiful hues of the Fall... she says the doll's hair kind of created itself... just appeared! It looks stunning!
 Arg.. again with the blurry photo... but you can see the many hues of the hair!
 The hair even winds around the back...
 We completed the day in a circle, each sharing how the process was for them, plus, what they feel their Spirit Doll is here to teach them.

In the center of his photo is Patria and her amazing feathered doll. I think my camera ate the portrait of her and her doll. This Spirit Doll is off the charts! Patria thinks she might suspend her from the ceiling so the many, many feathers can float in the breeze. Brings to mind the blessings of Tibetan prayer flags.
 What a blessed day it was. Four hours were gone... but what was left are some wonderful memories, the sacred fullness of creation, and the blessings of eight new Spirit Dolls.
Sweet blessings!

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