Saturday, June 30, 2012

A New Look, plus this week's work

So, I'm going for a new look here. Something softer that blends with the cloth side of me. Please tell me if you like it? Any suggestions?

In the mean time, here is the work I completed this week. Been a busy girl, with many hours lost in the wonderland of fabrics, laces, ribbons and buttons. I'd love to hear your comments. Oh, and if you are interested in purchasing any of these creations, please email me!

First, here are a few Composition Journals that I covered in the paste papers I made last fall. I love the colors. And I love paste paper! I'm selling these in my shop (Boulder Creek Antiques & Art) for $12 each.

Now, here is my Lace Album.... finally completed. I'm really happy with it... but of course, now I know how I'd do things different. It's a lovely book. I've already put it into my shop, and will probably list it on Ebay and Etsy. I'll create live links when I do. And, you're always welcome to email me directly.

So here it is.....
This is the front cover. I printed the images on muslin using the freezer paper technique. Much more economical than paying $10 for three sheets of printer fabric! All the laces you see are vintage, sewn onto upholstery fabric pages.

Here are some pictures of the inside pages. I embellished with a few vintage pins, buttons, and flowers I made from vintage satin.

You can see a few little pockets here and there... perfect to tuck in a little note or something.

 This page, on the right used several vintage hankies to create three individual tuck spots.
 I'm proud of the page on the left here. I created my own fabric by first using Photoshop and some vintage postcard images. I printed the image on fabric, then cut them and quilted them into a deep pocket page. The flower is another of the satin flowers I made. After cutting a number of circles, I singed the edges which made them curl, sewed a button in the center... tadaa, a rosette.
 This vintage, hand crochet doily made a beautiful back cover. It feels so great in my hands.

On a roll this week. I created another Composition Journal Wrap with vintage lace and fabrics. It started with a vintage hanky on top of a rectangular doily that just fit the 7x9 size journal. Then lots and lots of lace and another satin flower. (I listed this for $22, do you think that's too much?)

 Here's a pocket inside the front cover, perfect to keep your pen in.
 And, I just couldn't leave the back cover alone.... so I stitched row after row of different lace trims.

Yes, there's more!!! I just can't keep out of the laces! I had lots of bits and pieces left, so I stitched together some sweet little hang tags. (I put these in the shop for $4.50 each.)

Well, that's enough for one week. I just loved playing with all the fibers!

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