Wednesday, May 30, 2012

49 Day Prayer Book

They say that seven times seven is a powerful number. To repeat an activity, or say a prayer, for 49 days moves us deeper into our purpose, requests, or prayers. This is a little book I just made (using TP rolls!), decorated SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, with SEVEN interactive prayer cards tucked into each week.

The sweet book is spiral bound with an easy to slide decorative band of butterflies and flowers. The inside back page has another slide to contain a sweet envelope to hold your secret prayers.

Will be on sale in my Etsy shop soon! Enjoy the pictures. (If you're interested in purchasing this one of a kind prayer book, leave a comment or email me at

Sweet blessings!


  1. Chris this little book is so sweet! What do you do to the rolls to prepare them. You do wonderful work dear! Ree

  2. Thank you Rita. I actually IRON the tp rolls. It helps them stay really flat. These little books are so much fun to make. Thanks again for your comment!
    Blessings, Chris


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