Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why I love my Art Van!

I love traveling in my little Dodge Van. A comfy bed in the pack (a porta potty), little fridge, and my art supplies... my idea of Utopia, or heaven on earth!!

 My Window on the Sea.... Big Sur, two weeks ago
Here is the Plasket Creek Campground I stayed in. You can see the surf through the trees.

 My mobile writing studio! Right here in Santa Cruz!

 Leaving the door open for a welcome breeze.
 Always have my sketch book ready.... these are from last year's Yosemite trip.
 Snow Day!!! I travel to Yosemite last April to paint the wild flowers.... 8 inches of snow instead!
 And sometimes, I pull out my comfy camp chair, put my feet up and just read.

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  1. Now you’re making me consider van dwelling. :D I love to travel, and this way of living sounds pretty convenient. At least you’ll always feel at home wherever you may be. Also, it wouldn’t too absurd to invest big money on a car because it serves two purposes.


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