Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time for Some FUN! with ROSIE THE WILD WOMAN!

Yesterday, I visited my new friend ROSIE THE WILD WOMAN at her amazing studio here in Depoe Bay. After our wonderful visit early in the day, I decided I just couldn't try anything new right now. I'm using the spaciousness of our timeshare to make more paste papers for the next few days.

But, Rosie's inspiration has a way of growing on you and I literally spent the entire afternoon attempting to FELT! (Yes, FELT is a verb.) I couldn't resist going back for her Creative Wednesday evening get-together. (I think there were about eight friendly and amazingly creative women there, all working with fibers, pearls, etc.)

I thought I was done, and maybe, just not very good at felting, given the samples from my afternoon's work. Rosie took me under her wing and now I've got it... the bug to FELT!  My intention is to create some juicy, deeply pigmented, felted fabrics to dress my Crone dolls. I finished four pieces last night, which I'll post later.

It was such a FUN evening, and a welcome break to the solitude of the last week. (Although I've been VERY PRODUCTIVE!) I did finish my cookbook, and it's off the the proofreader now. Plus, I designed the front and back covers. Oh... and there has always been an art table where I've created more paste papers and covered a few journals.

I am so grateful for the joys of my life. And so blessed for my loving family.

This is my first piece.....
 Here is Rosie arranging one of her MASTER PIECES!

 You have to see this up close.....

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